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Learn To Eat For Your Body And Not Your Pleasure.

I finally figured it out. How many times have you asked yourself hmmm i wonder what I'm going to eat? Or, I want something good, I'm hungry but I don't know what I want. Eating for pleasure is what I did for so long. Every meal doesn't have to satisfy my lustful taste buds. I had to train myself to sometimes eat food that wasn't so tasty, I mean good but not full of flavor. I started choosing foods that would be good for my body and not my pleasure. We need the nutrients and organic energy from what we eat in order to stay healthy. Polluting your food with sugar, salt, wine and whatever else you add to it for taste is diluting the nutrients in your food, making it less beneficial to your body. Trust me when you start eating for your body you will start feeling more energetic, happier, less bloated and the list goes on. Your're probably feeling stressed and unhappy simply because your diet aint right. Its 2022. People are making better health choices in more ways than one. Don't miss out for lack of self-discipline.


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