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Megan Thee Stallion-Get Hot Then Ditch Em

The Saga Continues. The drama between Meg and her record label continue to spill all over social media. As we all know Megan Thee Stallion aint too happy with being signed to 1501 Entertainment. She is now signed with Roc Nation. So being singed to more than 1 record label means she gotta break them both off a percentage of her profits. Which means less cake for her. But is it cool to just drop those who helped you get on, for a bigger deal? Well me personally I feel like 1501 Entertainment was a big part of her success and once u sign a deal you gotta fulfill the agreement or buy the person out. But here's the BUT, if that person don't wanna settle then how can you be mad? Look Im no law expert but some shit is just common sense. lol. But my advice is if you trying to get put on don't just sign a deal out of desperation. Some ish jus ain't worth it. If you can't carry the weight don't do it.. Do your homework or just be independent and grind it out. OWN ya shit, put urself on. But I understand everybody ain't built for that. Luck of the draw.


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