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Is Nick's Mental Health In Good Shape?

So lets talk about Men and Women who intentionally create unstable homes for their children. Now we all know that Nick Cannon has tons of babies and probably more on the way. It's really disturbing because I can't help but think about all those kids who won't have a full time father figure in their life. I won't discredit Nick completely because his baby mommas definitely play a part. Mentally something is misfiring. Besides the fact that they are robbing their children of having 2 parents equally involved but do they even think about the sexual diseases floating around. I guess not. Folk don't like to talk about it but Gonorrhea, HiV, and Sypillis still exist. Oh and I don't want to hear they probably get tested because keep in mind that HIV sometimes does not show up in your blood stream right away. Bottom line lets stop being selfish and careless with our bodies and our children. The fact that he laughs about having a team of fatherless children tells me something isnt clicking, and there is a void that he and his women are trying to fill. Sooner or later I hope they do some deep soul searching.


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