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No Warning, Google Layoffs Included 12,000 Employees

Without warning Google dropped 12,000 employees which left thousands scrambling trying to understand why they were let go. Some employees were on vacation and some on medical leave. They were notified by email with little explanation. For many years Google was one of the #1 company's to work for. I often heard how good they were to their employees. Former workers stated that the company has been going through some cultural changes and making short term business deals instead of looking at long term value. Basically they aren't worried about the future, instead they are seeking quick turnaround profits. None other than a microwavable approach to business. Needless to say, not owning your own business these days is like not having a cell phone. We all need to have a business of our own. Jobs are so uncertain. I learned this many years ago. Getting fired was no stranger to me. I can't even count how many jobs I've been fired from. You could do absolutely nothing and they'll just fire you, and the worst part about it is that they don't need to have a valid reason. They don't care about your life, your family or your mental health. I certainly learned my lesson. It motivated me to start my own company. At the end of the day invest in something profitable or build your own business even if you think the company you work for is solid because nothing is certain.


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