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The Bishop Strikes Again

Bishop Lamor Whitehead has been in the blogs pretty frequently for all the wrong reasons. Now before I go into his drama I want to tell you guys before he started going viral, I had a chance to listen to one of his sermons on his Instagram Live, and honestly after listening for about 5 minutes I realized I was not engaged and the things he spoke on was not that of the bible, but I felt he was giving his own (personal) insights and opinions on the things written in the bible. Therefore I immediately exited his Live. Next thing I know I see a story posted about a Pastor getting robbed at a church. I started thinking, isn't that the flashy pastor who preaches his word and not GOD's word? Comes to find out it was. Well I wasn't really surprised considering the fact his drives around in a bright orange interior car with the top down through the hood and jewlery that you typically see rapper's wearing. Now I believe people should wear what they please and I do believe that just because you are a pastor, does not mean you shouldn't be able to wear nice things or drive certain cars. Next thing I know he's in the blogs again for allegedly choking a woman who supposedly interrupted his sermon. So many questions arise as the story unfolds. My question is why doesn't this man have security. It's not about being scared, Its about being cautious, alert and basically just having common sense. Is it that some people are just being too cheap to invest in having security or just flat out dumb? Anyway the Bishop had a million excuses as to why he manhandled the woman. Others think it was staged. Either way I hope the Bishop will begin to walk in the spirit and not in his flesh and maybe take a few anger management classes to help control his unruly outburst he continues to give to the public.


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