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Waka Flocka's Flaming Secret

The big question has come up yet again. It's no secret that Tammy Rivera and Flocka are no longer together and now that they have moved on Flocka popped the big question."Am I wrong for hiding my girlfriend or smart for protecting real love?" So yes allegedly he has a new girlfriend. Now forgive me if Im wrong but it sounds like he wants to know if he should post the new chick. Im going to keep it simple and give the answer straight forward. Don't Post her/him. What Im about to say is for anybody that is confused on how to handle this type of situation. Now I know it's not everybody's dream to get married but hunny if NO RING NO POST. Ok, Im lying let me clear that up. If No Wedding with me actually walking down somebody's aisle then sir it's a no go. Sorry but I just don't have time for posts and deletes. You know how people take all those cute relationship pics then gotta delete them 2-3 months later. Spare me please. I just feel like if you want to brag about me or you want me to brag about you let's do it the adult way. Posting my lil boyfriend aint cutting it for me. Im going to tell you why, firstly do you really want people in your business or better yet trying to find a way to break you 2 up when you haven't even gotten through all 4 seasons and 2 Birthday's? Is it really that deep that you can't be happy without showing people your happy. Is the post for your ego or for your undying love for that person? At the end of the day do what you want but make sure you both have the same feelings for each other and are walking in the same direction. Get to know one another personally and not just sexually. Cus being sexually hypnotize will make you feel like you will be with that person for life and that's just not the case in most situations. But jump at your own risk.

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