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Let's talk about who I am. 

Like those pretty diamonds in the Teal blue box, they call me Tiffany. Born and raised in Philadelphia Pa. In 2017 I moved to a new city not too far from my hometown. Being a full-time mom of 2 girls, I managed to start a blog focusing on entertainment, life, health and more. Blogging in my opinion is a form of expression. Not to mention we have enough blogs that cause confusion and degrade the Black Culture. I felt as though something different was needed. Besides this is truly a passion of mine. Being a journalist has always been a dream of mine since my college days. So instead of waiting for someone to give me the opportunity to do what I love, I gave myself the green light to start my own platform. Please don't take offense to my topics. I'm here to inspire, enlighten and have fun in between! I got a story to tell and a ton of things to talk about. SO LET'S GO!


Get Inspired With Me!

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