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News Cameraman

Your Story Matters

Being able to tell our story exactly 

the way it should be told is important. Our truth should not be edited. No holes should be left in our story. We should not feel misunderstood or disconnected. I want us to be heard and not ignored and that is why I am taking a stand for us. I'm a true believer in freedom of speech. We should not be redirected on how our story gets delivered.



Americans need reliable and accurate news. The truth not the lies. We need to hear the untold stories of those overlooked. Bring unity in places where unity is not found. Many news networks have deliberately divided us by the news that is broadcasted to us daily. We do not need fabrications just the facts. My news channel was made to be a safe place for all communities. Not just locally but around the country.

Image by Austin Distel


Lastly, what are we really doing if we are not inspiring each other? Creating opportunities for others especially our future generation is critical and resources are needed heavily. I am committed to making myself available to my Contributors, Supporters and Believer sponsors, to work together to find solutions that will enhance the way news is presented to the world. I am eager to work with you and for you and this is why your sponsorship is needed. 

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