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Can Your Homegirls Stay At Your Home With Your Husband?

This conversation got some of us a little AGGY. LOL. Call me what you want but this is a BIG NO for me. Singer #Kierra Sheard has been all over social media for giving us some #marriage tips by letting us know that you can't just be having females all up and down your home. Kierra said in a interview "I will buy a friend a hotel room before I let them stay at my house". This is where she hurt some feelings. LOL. Some people really just don't understand that you have to protect what is most sacred to you. Im not having girlfriends or female family members spending the night in the same house as my husband. You have to realize that everybody does not hold the same respect for themselves as you might hold for yourself. So yea a Bitch might try it. Why put yourself in that position when you can avoid it all together? Sometimes its not about if the man can be trusted, I mean he might feel uncomfortable having some female roam his house in pajamas. And who knows what kind of pajamas sis might wear. So if its too revealing, are we supposed to tell her how to dress now? Like I said, avoid having to go there by keeping females out your damn house. If you aint got no boundaries people will do what they please because they know you aint gone say or do nothing about it. I hope this breaks it down for some people who automatically thinks it must be a insecure thing. Cus it aint.


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