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Donald Trump Convicted. What Happens Now?

"Rigged and Unfair" is what Donald Trump called the "Hush Money Trail". Trump was recently convicted on 34 criminal charges and the media is in a frenzy. Trump is the leading candidate and is expected to win November's Presidential election. Many are wondering why he is able to run for president being a convicted felon. Others want to know what does these charges mean for his campaign. Well I can tell you first hand that Trump supporters are not backing down. His support remains strong and millions are being raised for his campaign still. Many don't realize that there are no qualifications required to run for President leaving the slot for President open to anyone who wants to run. Trump was not at all thrilled with his convictions stating "If they can do this to me, they can do this to anyone". Trump says the Judge is highly conflicted. Trump was also denied to have an election expert testify for various reasons. I don't want to speak too soon whether he will do jail time or not but Trump's legal team plan on appealing his guilty verdict. The reality of this is we need an active present President in office who can run this country effectively. The Biden administration has ruined the economy, leaving Americans in debt that they may never get out of. Biden is unfit, and incapable of presenting policies that will secure the future of America.


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