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Gays Not Permitted, African Country Banning Homosexuality

Uganda is stepping up to fight against homosexuality that is plaguing their country. Laws are being passed to ban the LGBTQ community. Politicians and Religious leaders do not agree with this lifestyle. Law makers are issuing harsh penalties for same sex activity. Its gotten so bad that Uganda law enforcement arrested a teacher for recruiting students into homosexuality. The teacher is now awaiting trail. Not only that six people were arrested for allegedly grooming young boys to perform anal sex acts on other boys. I find this to be abominable, and if you can't see the war that is going on then your ignorance has gotten the best of you. It is simply unnatural for same sex people to be sexually active. Besides new life cannot be produced. Which means the Black race would be erased. Its one thing to simply be who you are, but once it becomes forced onto others to accept it and engage in it, then you should be jailed. Laws that prohibit this type of behavior need to be enforced. Violations for the new Anti-Gay laws include but not limited to "aggravated homosexuality" which includes gay sex with a minor or when the offender is HIV Positive. Severe sentences will be implemented by either death or lengthy prison sentences. Homosexuals will also be labeled as a criminal simply by identifying as Gay. Having Gay sex will lead to life in prison. Even promoting same sex relationships will not be tolerated. Local news outlet Citizen TV reported that President of Kenya William Ruto stated "I am a God-fearing man and whatever happened at the court, even if we respect the court, our culture, values, Christianity and Islam cannot allow women to marry each other, or men to marry fellow men". Supporters of this Anti-Gay movement feel that it threatens traditional values. Which it does. With that being said subscribe to my YouTube Channel.


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