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How Real Couples Feel About Valentines Day.

The craze over this day may never go away. When I was younger this day meant so much to me, but as I got older it started to mean less. I personally would rather my partner treat me good all year round, instead of just on this one day or on occasions. I feel like Valentines Day is sort of juvenile, I'm not knocking it; It's a cute fun holiday, celebrate it how you want, but I want people to understand that even if this day doesn't turn out as lavish as you think it should be don't use it to define the value of your relationship. Some guys really look at Valentines Day as just another day. Some men just not into following trends. Now let's move on because some women will get cheated on all year round, their man is always out flexing with another woman then come back on Valentines Day, to shower his "supposed to be" girlfriend/wife with gifts and she'll forget all about it. I want you to understand that he does not love you and that is what Valentines Day is about LOVE not Gifts. Don't get caught up with the hype. Start with loving yourself first. You want respect or embarrassment?


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