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Gram Scamming

Listen we all heard about it. But why is it happening. Simple the scammers are getting smarter, and the buyers are getting dumber. It's not the scammer's fault. The buyers have to stop being lazy. When we see something on social media that looks good, we want it. When we hear something that sounds good we listen then take action to what we just heard whether it make sense or not. Sometimes you have to stop and think. Is this person only trying to sell me something or do they really care about solving my problem. Whatever that problem may be. It could be you needing a dress for your event or birthday party, or you may want that waist trainer to slim you down for the summer. Whatever the case do your research. I promise it's not hard. Read the comments. I can't tell you how many times I've came across business pages and read comments telling the business owner they placed an order months ago and haven't received it, emailed them and no reply or hey I called your office and nobody returned my call after I payed for my consultation. I mean the list goes on. Now trust me you can't soley depend on comments because those can get deleted. Nobody wants bad reviews lingering in the comment section. Take it upon yourself, if they are a well known brand ask hey do you have a physical place of business to shop. That way you can go directly to the store and shop there. Let me tell you my personal story. I came across this hair page of a girl who has many followers and has been known for selling good hair. I seen some photos of the hair on her page and what it looks like once its installed. I loved how it looked so I decided that I was going to buy the hair. Now this girl resides in a different city then I do which isnt a problem but something told me just wait until I'm in her city to purchase the hair from her store. So that's exactly what I did. Mind you that same day I get to the city she put up a post of all the hair and letting us know she's opened. Well I get to the store and baby girl aint had but 10 bundles and they all was 10 inches long. Like huh. Im thinking sis where is all the hair. So I asked for the inch I wanted and she told me she had to order it. Im glad I went to the store because if I shopped thru instagram its no tellin when my hair would have came or if I would have even gotten the hair. Bottom line what you see on social media is not always what you think it is. Do your research and search these people's history on google to see if any scamming stories pop up. Let me tell you, you will certainly be surprised of what you find.


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