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My Nite In Rapper Lil' Cease Palace

Let's talk about the vibe Lil' Cease from Junior Mafia brought to the stage in honor of the late Great NOTORIOUS BIG. While so many forget about their homies who passed on, I Iuv how Cease continues to keep BIG's name alive. I grew up on hip hop and Bad Boy Records use to have the game on lock. I mean hits after hits but we talking about Lil Cease right now. So I been a fan since way back, I'm talking when BIG was literally the Face of "Bad Boy". Well at least in my eyes he was. However, I feel like Cease definitely deserves his flowers. He may not be a mainstream artist but he definitely is apart of hip hop's history. So I got a chance to witness an epic performance from the "Crush On You" artist. He brought his Brooklyn swag to the stage and let's just say the crowd was not disappointed. The whole performance gave me that good ole 90's vibe and I loved it. Let's continue to honor those who came before us and go stream his music. Y'all know I luv the Hip Hop Culture! You can catch footage of Lil' Cease performance on my Youtube channel.


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