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Will Republican David Oh Get The Latino Vote?

Republican David Oh recently held a town hall meeting in North Philadelphia to speak with the Latino community. The meeting was held to address major concerns of the Latino residents. Concerns like crime, education, property taxes, soda tax and more were all addressed by David. Not only did republican supporters attend, but many democrat supporters expressed that change is needed and it's time to elect a Republican Mayor. David Oh who is running against Cherelle Parker for Philadelphia Mayor mentioned his opponent several times indicating she was scared as the reason for her not showing up for the town hall meeting. David expressed that more policing is needed in areas where residents want more police presence. He also stated that he does not support stop and frisk. Although many believe David's chances of winning the election are slim, he seemed confident and informed us that he is very in touch with poverty infested neighborhoods. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch the details and watch my interview with David Oh.


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