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Republican Congress Engage With Black Voters While Sipping Cognac

Tonight I witnessed first hand how young black conservative men are changing the minds of black Americans. Texas State Representative (R) Wesley Hunt and (R) Byron Donalds visited the inner city of Philadelphia to have a conversation with black voters, specifically black male voters while sipping on Cognac and puffing on fine cigars. Byron Donalds who is often seen by Donald Trump's side made it clear that the direction of our country is headed in the wrong direction under the Democratic Party. Proclaiming "the democrats are crazy". The room was primarily filled with black Americans who came to not only enjoy the panel discussion but also got a chance to express their concerns. Questions as to why Republicans tend to not visit urban areas. Byron Donalds reply was "because they don't know how". Indicating that it can be uncomfortable going into unfamiliar places not knowing the mannerism and language of a race other than their own. Byron also made it known that defunding the police is stupid, while Wesley Hunt agrees that public safety should be our number 1 priority in America. Going to school you need to feel safe, business owners need to feel safe is what Byron included during the conversation. The event was held to acknowledge, inform and interact with those from urban communities. Republicans seem to have a better understanding that they need to show up and be seen and not just heard on media outlets. By engaging with the black community more often will ultimately have a positive impact on black voters. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch clips of this authentic panel discussion.


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