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Set Up In The Trap

This aint a topic about the game or the drug house. Corporate America is doing all the set ups in their offices, behind a rectangle table plotting on ways to destroy families. The Black race specifically. Im sure some of us know of someone who has been locked up for smoking weed or having it in their system. Its tramatizing the community. I really don't think some of us are understanding the affects it has on our community. People are literally sitting in prison, away from their children or lost their job because of it. Having family of my own experiencing this and watching others go through it can be upsetting. Serving jail time for smoking is absurd. Those people need to be freed. Just thinking about those people who serve their time, get released, out on probation, changed their life, then go right back to jail after testing positive for weed. Krazy and that's how the trap begins.


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