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Where You Get The Weed?

Is it laced? You might not want to admit it but weed aint weed no more. Back in my early 20's I started smoking. This guy I was dating for years introduced me to it. Let me say riding around the city wit my boo, blazing the best and laughing at anything was a good time for me. Times was different and Philly was lit. Logan was my pull up location. But PAUSE. I stopped smoking in 2008. I liked it but I knew smoke in your lungs aint good. Bottom line smoking aint a good look for your health. Im not tryna hear "its natural" because its NOT. It might have been years ago I can't say but we talkin about Now. Over the years I noticed the smell of weed has changed, I mean it started to smell like gas. Im like wtf is that. Mind you I quit so from what I remembered weed had a total different smell. So comes to find out low and behold it was weed. Im like nah that's some other shit. I mean it smelled like gas literally. So my folks, I'll use an alias name (Mike) who was about 10 years younger than me swore he knew all about weed. So long story short Mike told me that I was smokin what they call (Reggie) and told me that was some bullshit weed. lmao. Anyway, I must say I noticed the changes in people who smoked this new stuff. Now like I said Mike is my folks. Once he started smoking, he turned into a new person, his looks changed, he became extremely aggressive toward his family and friends, I mean he basically became a menace to society. The same thing happened to one of my homegirls. A drastic change took place. My point that I'm making is to be careful and do not buy weed from just anyone on the street. Almost everybody sells it and because its so much access that means more competition which leads to somebody got to stand out. Get my drift? So in a hustler's mind, that means I gotta stand out from the rest therefore "IMA LACE IT". Buy with Caution.


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