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Take The Hi Road

Hey guys!! I know you are probably thinking to yourself, like she spelled (high) wrong in the title. Well it was intentional. I'm writing this with a purpose as I always do, to let you know that everything doesn't deserve your response. I'm fully aware of what people say about me and the hate they have in their heart for me. Truth is I really don't care. My cut off game is out of this world. Its sad but protecting myself from toxic, unhappy people is crucial. I will not tolerate certain behaviors that I personally don't approve of. FYI that goes for family or friends. I'm kind to everyone before they cross or disrespect me. After that I forgive and Forget You. Ever wonder why the people who don't like you are always on social media complaining and depressed. Not to mention they're always going through something in life. Well it's because Peace and Happiness doesn't know Misery. Stay Blessed while they continue to Stress! With Love always your favorite Blogger!


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