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Red Rose

End The Year With A Plan!


Happy Holidays!


My Ethnicity

Im always asked are you mixed.

Im 100% African American

My Style

Be a Brand not just wear the Brands.

My Culture

Hip Hop is the reason Im here today. It made me who I am.

My Lifestyle

My daily rituals include, not giving a fuck = Stress Free.


Interior Designer 
Tracey Decor Gives Us The Inside Scoop! 

December Book List. 


They Can't Do It Like You

I don't fit in thats why I stand out.

"Grabbing attention never been hard. Its about how you move. If you moving the same as everyone else what makes you different? When you walk in the room your aura should give off a different scent. My question to you is, are you taking the cookie cutter house or the house whose architectural design differs from the rest?

-Tiffany Vann