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My Ethnicity

Im always asked are you mixed.

Im 100% African American

My Style

Be a Brand not just wear the Brands.

My Culture

Hip Hop is the reason Im here today. It made me who I am.

My Lifestyle

My daily rituals include, not giving a fuck = Stress Free.


Saucy Santana
You Not Woman Enough

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Foot Tracks on Sand

Pull Up A Chair...

I made this blog for my folks, supporters, the motivated, the inspired, the real, the ones who want more from me and my brand Del Vann. 

As time goes on it gets deeper. Friends ain't friends no more, Family well ya know. I guess that comes with the territory. Bottom line we gone grow and learn together. Im not only here to give you my life, my opinions and expertise but we will be getting inspired by others as well. My goal is to share this platform with people who inspire me, can help me expand my mindset and flat out make me laugh with their realness. Please don't take offense to my topics but I gotta shed light on what relates to me and my culture as a whole. Some shit may be touchy so if your sensitive this ain't for you.


This month's book list. 


Jewels From Tiffany

They Can't Do It Like You

I don't fit in thats why I stand out.

"Grabbing attention never been hard. Its about how you move. If you moving the same as everyone else what makes you different? When you walk in the room your aura should give off a different scent. My question to you is, are you taking the cookie cutter house or the house whose architectural design differs from the rest?