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Chloe Bailey, The Music Industry Is Over Saturated

It's no doubt the music industry has changed and I often talk about this topic a lot. The music, the artist, how we receive it, has all changed. Its so many new artist out I can't even keep up. Some might feel like they are getting old for not knowing who these new artist are but truthfully its just so many newbies and they pretty much all look and sound the same. The music industry is now a rat race. Its like who can come up with the next best trend. Creativity is no longer a need when making an album or single. Nobody wants to stand out and be different. This is the generation of followers and I can't respect it. But that's my opinion and truthfully these new albums from various rappers have been trash. But leave it up to the artist, their album is the best thing since sliced bread. I can't fault them for feeling overly confident, that's how they should feel but stop placing people in the category as a hater because they don't like your music or style. Chloe Bailey recently had some input in a recent interview stating "we rely on a popular trend to chart with music and, you know, its great, the internet's great, but its also the downfall because we are not appreciating artistry. Feeling that because there is so much music she also stated that "we don't know what to focus on. Anyways I'm sure I will circle back on this topic again in the future but until then stay inspired!!


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