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Chris Brown In Heat Yet Again

Chris Breezy is in the hot seat again and so is Trey Songs. Seems like women are coming from every angle accusing these 2 of allegedly taking advantage of their lady parts if you know what I mean. My question is unrelated to these 2 but why do rich men rape women? As if they don't have more than enough women throwing themselves regularly at them for FREE. Is it a pride thing? I think alot of rich men feel entitled, like a female can't turn them down because of who they are or who they THINK they are. Well honestly it ain't jus the rich men with these egotistical manners. But back to these 2, I don't know but I'm starting to get R Kelly vibes from Trey Songs and it ain't musical if you get my drift. But listen the truth shall be revealed but hunny, I wouldn't put it past these 2.

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