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Conservatives Gather At The Pennsylvania Leadership Conference For Pivotal Discussions

Recently in Harrisburg PA. a number of Politicians, and Conservatives gathered at the Penn Harris Convention Center for the 2024 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference. Panel discussions were held and guest speakers such as Vivek Ramaswamey, Stacey Garrity, and Dave McCormick were the few of many in attendance. The conference held spoke to Conservatives on leadership, being a voice for the voiceless, gun rights, the economy and so many other topics that our country is currently facing. Former Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy voiced his support for Donald Trump while also encouraging fellow Conservatives to not be afraid to speak their mind. "Say it with a spine" is what he told the audience. Stacey Garrity hit the stage Saturday morning with a blunt introduction of herself, saying her pronouns are "Conservative Republican Woman"! The conference was a way to connect, share ideas and voice concerns. What I observed is that the Conservatives have recognized this is a new day and this is not your grandfathers old Republican party. They are eager to come together with the young and long time voters to join forces and become one to bring change in the White House. Watch clips of the conference on my YouTube channel and social sites!


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