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Cyber Attack On A Major Health Care Company Causes Sick Patients To Suffer

Change Healthcare Company who is owned by UnitedHealth Group recently became a victim of a cyber attack. United Health Group made a statement and indicated they are taking immediate action to prevent further impact. Patients who rely on life saving medications were unable to get access to their medicine due to system outages caused by the cyber attack. Some patients use discount cards to help offset the cost of expensive medication but pharmacists were unable to locate discount information in their system. This left patients to either pay out of pocket or go without their medication. Some patients were denied their cancer medication, diabetic medication, mental health medication medication and milder medications as well. The cyber attack also caused disruption for providers. The attack prevented providers from verifying patients eligibility, processing claims, receiving payments and processing reimbursements. This issue is still being investigated as UnitedHealth Group relies on temporary fixes and system changes.


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