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Details of Kanye West Discrimination Lawsuit Against Black Employees

Kanye West is back in headlines for more craziness. He is currently being sued for treating his black employees poorly while showing more respect to his white employees. Reports say he fired a black employee for refusing to cut his dreadlocks. Wait What!!! Now that is pretty extreme but definitely something I wouldn’t put pass Kanye. Sources say Kanye often raised his voice in an aggressive tone when speaking to black employees but used a lower tone when speaking to the white workers. It was also reported that Kanye requested that anyone associated with Donda Academy discard books of prominent black figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. Malcom X, and other well respected black figures. Seems like a case of self hate to me. Or is Kanye trying to rewrite history and make himself the GOD above all? We may never know, but it’s evident that Kanye has some mental health issues and it’s not clear if he is taking his medication.


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