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This Restaurant Is So Overrated

So this past weekend I decided to stop at Loch Bar. It recently opened a location in Center City Philadelphia. I walked passed it a few times and thought it was so beautiful and modern. Indeed it is but let me give you more details. I sat at the bar and ordered drinks of course. The drinks were amazing. I also ordered the crab cake sandwich and mash potatoes. Well the crab cake was no sandwich because there was no bread included. I prefer my crab cake without the bread anyhow but I certainly did not see that option on the menu. So maybe they need to update their menu to be more accurate on how their food is made. So anyway while I was eating the waiter/bartender seemed annoyed and was very unfriendly. I overheard him speaking to another customer explaining how business had slowed down and the seasonal customers no longer come in. He continued to say "now I can give my attention to the regular customers who deserve it." How rude and obnoxious I thought. Every customer deserves quality service. Well that was just the tip of the ice burg because my crab cake was under cooked and mushy, the mash potatoes tasted like Idahoan mash potatoes that you buy at the super market in the rice isle. With that being said, I will not be returning, maybe for the drinks but that's about it. Lol. Check out my YouTube video for the visuals.


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