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Republican Hispanics Are Fighting To Run U.S. Government

Thursday evening The LIBRE Initative gathered at the Hilton Hotel In Philadelphia to celebrate the accomplishments of their organization. With mostly Hispanics in attendance they were very centered around making America more favorable for them. Keynote speaker Mayra Flores who is running for Congress in Texas attended and gave a speech that I'm sure inspired her fellow Hispanic people. She stated that her people are the "American Dream" and that America cannot do anything without them. She also stated that she moved to the United States at 6 years old. She expressed that where she is from her people hold America at a very high standard. She also expressed that there are people who are not from the U.S. that love America more than the people who are actually from the United States. She went on to proclaim how educated her parents are, although they only have a 8th grade education. She made a statement saying no disrespect to those with degrees but there are people with degrees that are not educated. That was a very interesting statement I thought. Furthermore by attending this event, I sensed the pain and hurt in the Hispanics. They want change and more acceptance from America. They feel overlooked, disconnected and they realize that although America is a great country, hard work is required in order to achieve the American Dream.


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