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Rap Artist Jada Kiss Is Letting The Hood Know What's Really Good.

Verzuz King, Rap artist, Jada Kiss is not only impacting the hood with his classic music, but he is encouraging the hood to get and stay healthy. As part owner of Juices for Life he is all for improving your lifestyle by eating healthier and working out. The rapper stated on his Facebook show The Pull Up "being healthy is gangsta". We couldn't agree more. Still while being a busy artist as most, he continues to invest in urban areas where access to healthier food choices just isn't an option for many. Del Vann has been promoting "health is wealth" for over 5 years, and to see our All-Time fav who we have been a fan of for over a decade be on the same sequence as us is exciting, encouraging and of course inspiring!! We are so happy to see a well-known rap artist promote health as being a smart investment. We luv to see it!


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