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Lil' Uzi Vert, The Devil Loves All Red

If you haven't noticed some artists are being bold and loud about their demonic deliveries and appearances. Recently Lil Uzi Vert performed at "Rolling Loud"dressed in all red with demonic details in his eyes. We all know the color red has always been associated with the devil. Some believe UZI is just being UZI "the rock star" but I say otherwise. Ignorance is bliss. Being a puppet in the industry runs deep. You no longer have control over yourself and many become a victim to dark spirits. UZI isn't the only artist that's been on "demon time". Artists like Doja Cat, Sam Smith and Lil Nas X have all had their demonic moments. Most people overlook what's happening or choose to defend it. These days its not hard to tell who is a true believer in Christ Jesus. Yup I said it. At the end of the day believe and stand on what you choose, but I wrote this for those who want to get out of the darkness. Keep your eyes open and your mind alert. Certain TV and radio programs are designed to control your mind. Get with the Program and don't allow these programs to re-program your way of thinking.


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