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Men Chasing Society's Beauty Standards

Are some men getting too comfortable taking on women behaviors? Well you be the judge, but it seems like men are trying to keep up with the women in the beauty and fashion department. But how far is too far? Where do we draw the line. Not to blame everything on social media but it may play a big part in the way men are going so hard to look perfect. So lets discuss it. I feel like it started with the super skinny tight jeans, then it went to the man purses, now its plastic surgery (tummy tucks) and such. Society is really out to feminize our men. But I feel like a manly man wouldn't even dare think to get cosmetic surgery. That's just my personal opinion. Ok so unless you are going under the knife for a medical health issue, what is the real reason for this plastic surgery? Ok so LL cool J may have gotten some work done I don't really know, but come on, I mean he's LL, the ladies man, the sex symbol; well at least he was back in the day to a lot of ladies. He's the only one that gets a pass. But I'm confident things will go back to normal one day. But hey, be a baddie. Its your choice and doesn't matter what anyone thinks.


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