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New Smoke Laws For New Zealand

New Laws for New Zealand are in place to ban the purchase of cigarettes for everyone born after 2008. The beginning of year 2023 the new laws will go into effect. The country's plan is to work toward a smoke-free future to prevent minors from becoming smokers and to increase the overall well being of its citizens. By the end of next year, 90% of retailers will lose their license to sell tobacco, making it less accessible to purchase the product. The new laws also requires that the nicotine levels in vaping and tobacco products must be reduced, which will make it less addictive. Well if you plan on visiting New Zealand make sure you know the laws so that you are fully aware. Violators including anyone who tries to set up shop illegally, or sell it to a person born after 2008 could be fined up to $150,000. Besides I would hate for you to end up in a Brittney Griner situation or worse. Be safe!


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