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Nikki Haley Ends Presidential Campaign

Republican Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley ended her Presidential campaign today after losing multiple times to Donald Trump in numerous states. Many thought she would continue her fight to win but she finally came to the realization that she did not stand a chance at defeating Donald Trump. Many Americans just did not connect with Nikki and felt she was not qualified to be President. Nikki indicated in several interviews that she did not believe racism exists and also wanted to increase the retirement age to 70. She tried several attempts to appeal to the Black and Brown community but her attempts failed. The former governor of South Carolina claims her opponents are not fit to be President as she often called them grumpy old men, referring to Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Now that Nikki is out of the race America can solely focus on candidates who are more in touch with all Americans unlike Nikki Haley who seemed to only relate to a specific race.


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