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Politician Dave McCormick Makes A Stop To Philadelphia. Get The Details

Politician Dave McCormick recently visited Philadelphia for a dinner celebration of our first Republican President Abraham Lincoln. The patriotic evening was filled with empowering guests and keynote speakers. Dave is currently running against Democrat Bob Casey for Pennsylvania U.S. Senate. Dave spoke on the many issues facing Pennsylvania families. Some of those issues were the economy, public safety, border concerns and the fentanyl crisis plaguing Pennsylvania. For those wondering how Dave really is, I can tell you first hand that he was kind and appreciative. He made his rounds around the room to greet and address personal concerns of his supporters. Dave even informed me that he is very thankful for all the grass root workers who are knocking doors for his campaign. In attendance were members of The Black Conservative Federation and former U.S. Senate candidate Kathy Barrnett, in which they both expressed their support for Dave. The dinner was a reminder that change in the White House is desperately needed. We need a senate that will fight for good policies, I believe Dave will get the job done. Pennsylvania lets all vote for Republican Dave McCormick this November!


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