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Saucy Santana You're Not Woman Enough

Rap/makeup artist Saucy Santana got a few things of his chest about women during a recent concert. Maybe he got caught up in the moment but he is definitely not one who shies away from expressing his thoughts and I commend him for that. Say how you feel, your thoughts are not harming anyone. But some women felt like he was out right disrespecting a woman's worth and abilities. While on stage he told the crowd "Gays run the muthafucking world". "When these hoes need their hair done, they call the gays". "When them hoes need a stylist, they call the muthafucking gays". "When them hoes need they muthafucking face done, they call the gays". He described the gays as being the blueprint. Well many were insulted but you know what, he is in the entertainment industry and sometimes you gotta be a little Saucy! Leave a comment below if you need to.


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