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Sick Rumors About Young M.A

The secret has been exposed that Young M.A is sick and working on improving her health. It wasn't long ago that Young M.A was seen on social media with bright yellow eyes looking very sick. It was also reported that she was seen in a wheelchair inside of a grocery store which was allegedly recorded by a fan. Rumors floated around the internet for days. Recently Young M.A got on social media to update her fans on what is really going on with her health. She stated "Unfortunately, I made a lot of wrong decisions in my life and things started to catch up with me”. So it seems to me that her sickness is not from natural causes but from her being negligent and not valuing her body enough to ensure she stays healthy. While many speculate that she has a "sexual transmitted disease" she declared in her statement that she is "very much sober". Well whatever the reason is hopefully she'll understand that Health is Wealth. Playing Russian roulette with your body is never a good idea. You never know when the consequences will catch up with you. In all reality we may never know what her actual health issues are but the bottom line is, stay safe and love yourself!


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