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The LOX Are Back With A New Record

New Music Alert!!! The LOX just dropped a new record titled "Terminator Lox". This hip hop joint is making waves throughout the culture and it's Public Enemy beat sample is fire! The group who has been around for over 20 years is taking the game back and letting us know what Hip Hop should sound like. It's raw unapologetic lyrics are catchy and did I mention the song has no hook, straight bars! Talent can't be bought, it's something you gotta have naturally and these hip hop legends prove that. While most groups tend to break up after years of success, The Lox are still going strong together. Their brotherhood and unity is something a lot of us can learn from. One thing I learned from watching The LOX is that consistency is key. You can't stop what you love doing simply because your products not selling or nobody is supporting you. Keep producing quality because eventually your work will definitely pay off. If your're not inspired that's a shame. Anyway I can't wait to see what's next for my favorite rap group of all time. Don't forget to stream their new record Terminator Lox!


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