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Transgender Teen Girl Gets Booed After Winning Against A Team Of Girls

Transgender teen gets booed by an audience after winning the track championship against other natural born girls. She was booed as she went through the finish line and when she received her gold metal. Well as you can imagine the hate didn’t stop there because the trans teen also got a lot of online criticism as well. Many called the teen a cheater. Cyd Zeigler who is the founder of LGBTQ+ Outsports feels the criticism is misdirected, stating the teen is not the rule maker. Cyd Ziegler told the news it is disgusting that conservatives are calling the trans girl a cheater. Well technically it is cheating and secondly Cyd Zeigler might want to redirect his anger toward the Democratic Party who supports this nonsense, because if they didn’t this trans girl would not be experiencing this unnecessary hate she is currently enduring. Furthermore make sure to watch the next episode of my podcast, “The Misconception & Opinion of the Conservative” as I go into more detail about this story.


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