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What's Up With Wendy?

Ok so what's up with the iconic Wendy Williams? As we know Wendy Williams has been on a roller coaster for some time now. Seems like after her divorce things have went down hill. Wendy's health started to fail and "The Wendy Williams Show" sadly came to an end. Wendy has been in the media spotlight following the end of her show. With Wendy not being present for her show's last taping, many of her viewers were highly upset that she was not there to say her finale goodbyes. Finally after all the drama surrounding Wendy she may be making her way back to her audience with a new podcast. Wendy recently stated "I'll Be Back, Trust Me." Wendy also stated in a recent interview how she feels that podcasting is the new wave and it's something you can do right from the comfort of your home. One thing for sure Wendy is a fighter, and as much as she might be hated she is absolutely inspiring. Her tough skin and fearlessness is captivating. Trust me, we all can learn a few things from Wendy especially if your goal is to be a host/broadcaster of some sort. Anyway I'll be on the look out for her new podcast and so should you!


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