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Wu Tang Clan and Nas Tour Aint Nothing To Mess Wit

What a night! Headliners Nas and Wu Tang Clan made history together at the Prudential Center with thousands in attendance. Performing classics and making it known that they are Hip Hop. Of course I had to make an appearance because these are artist I listened to growing up and had a thing for their kind of music. From the crowd to the artist, the energy was pure. Being able to witness the brotherhood between the artist was an honor because they really celebrated each other. More celebration and less competition is something we need more of. Meanwhile in the midst of a good show Method Man popped out on stage with Wu Tang which wasn't expected, do to the fact that he recently stated on social media he was working on another project and would not be joining Wu Tang on Tour. Well when he hit the stage the crowd was not disappointed. We all know the media is always looking for a messy story. So I guess you can say Method Man cleared all the messy rumors up that night. Lol. Anyway they are still touring so grabbing tickets for the show is definitely worth it. I wouldn't stare you in the wrong direction!!!


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