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A Delicious Divorce- Deelishis & Raymond Santana Untie The Knot

So guys are we suprised social media influencer Deelishis and her hubby Raymond Santana are divorcing? Believe it or not? I am. I didn't think a divorce would happen so fast.. Then again didn't I tell yall stop believing the hype on social media. Listen those 2 former love birds was seen all over the gram huggy dovey, kissing & blushing from ear to ear. But now Deelishis claims ole boy is a narcissist. I'm starting to hear this "narcissist" word a little too much now. Everybody ain't a narcissist, but I understand it's a newly learned vocabulary word the urban culture has now adopted for the time being. Lol. Anyway can we stop marrying for the wrong reasons, oh and let's get to know people before jumping the broom. The desperation out here is getting overwhelming.


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