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Black Mayors Speak On Economics and Resources Needed To Serve Black Americans

Tuesday night Black Mayors from across the country united to discuss how to run a city. In attendance was Philadelphia's former Mayor Michael Nutter, Atlanta's former Mayor Kasim Reed and Newark N.J current Mayor Ras Baraka just to name a few. Mayor Baraka spoke on the Redlining that many Black Americans face when it comes to home ownership and funding needed to start a business. He acknowledges that they are still working on equality in every aspect, and mentions section 8 vouchers can now be converted into mortgages. Black Americans are constantly denied the resources needed to create better living conditions and stability in our communities. Former Mayor Kasim Reed credits Martin Luther King Jr. for the amount of thriving black owned businesses in Atlanta. (i.e) It was critical for Black Americans to move from the pulpit to politics to economics. Former Mayor Michael Nutter understands that times have changed. While running a city is much different from his time in office, he makes it clear that we need to acknowledge what does not work and put more effort into finding better solutions.


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