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CDC Suggests Preventive STD Pills Should Be Used

Health experts recently released details on the rising number of sexually transmitted diseases reported and are hoping that a preventive STD pill will help control infections. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are considering the pills be used as if it's a "Plan B" pill. Researchers found that people are simply not protecting themselves and the rise of STD's do not seem to be slowing down. Experts also acknowledge that the rise of sexually transmitted diseases are placed on low-priority even though it's the most common reported. Researchers revealed that Black and Hispanic Americans are mostly affected. With that being said, I think it's clear why the CDC keeps this health crisis on low priority. Fortunately the CDC feels something needs to be done. Experts state the preventive pill will not be 100% effective but will lower your risk of catching a STD by almost 80% if taken within the recommended time frame. However, there is no preventive STD pill approved at this time.


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