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Democrats Slam Jay Z’s Efforts To Help Black Poverty Stricken Children

Now this is simply sad. Rap Mogul Jay Z is being thrown under the bus for Roc Nation teaming up with Republican law makers and activists like Jeff Yass who supports school choice. A $300 million campaign is in progress to fund underprivileged children in Philadelphia. The effort is put towards giving these children opportunities to attend prestigious private schools that without the funding would not have the chance to do so. Now let’s take a step back. Most are aware that Philadelphia public schools are primarily African American/Minority children but it does not surprise me that democrats have an issue with this. Any chance there is an opportunity for the black community to thrive they seemingly find a way to discourage it. The public school systems in Philadelphia have been under funded and broken for years; but because this scholarship program is backed and supported by Republicans its a problem that most liberals want to put an end to. These public schools I speak of have out dated text books, little to no computers and learning supplies are very limited. Of course I left out so much more on how the public schools are suffering but the bottom line is most of these children who attend these schools are not only failing in school but in society as well. This goes to show yet again that the liberals do not care about the success of those in urban communities. Why does it matter that the campaign is supported and backed by Republicans when the end goal is to give someone a chance at being successful? I don't know about you but this is utterly disturbing, which is why I continue to inform the masses on my podcast "The Misconception & Opinion Of The Conservative" which can be streamed on my YouTube Channel. Furthermore, PA. State Rep Summer Lee is against giving children in poverty a chance to attend any school of their choice. Based on the statements she has made I assume she feels being stuck in neighborhood schools that are under-resourced is the best choice for poverty stricken children. In response to the scholarship program she stated “This ain’t it. The answer to the inequity plaguing our PA public schools is not a celebrity campaign for a GOP proposal to take public dollars to send a few ‘lucky’ kids to private schools”. “The answer is to make sure our public schools are actually properly funded.” Maybe she has been under a rug but clearly the Democrats had years to make sure public school funding was being invested properly but they have failed to do so year after year. I mean since she wants to make this a Democrat vs Republican thing. The focus should be our children but it will never be that because the liberal party does not want prosperity within black communities. I guess modern day slavery is okay for some. And to hear another black woman reject the opportunity for children who look like her to use their freedom by choosing their school of choice for advancement lets me know just how brainwashed some of us really are. That's the reality of self hate.


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