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Did Ice-T Just Trash The New Artists?

It's no secret that many pioneer rappers have strong opinions on the new generation of Hip Hop music. Although many support the new artists, some just ain't feeling it. While Ice-T is usually bold when expressing his opinions on different topics he told "Variety Magazine" that "Hip-hop changed". "The music got goofy to me". "The kids started looking weird". Personally I don't think he trashed the new artists. I simply think he pointed out the obvious. Truth be told, I definitely agree and I'm hoping that Hip Hop goes back to its original roots. For some reason being original and authentic got played out. Once we allowed the other "skin color" to dictate what Hip Hop should sound and look like the culture suddenly took a downward spiral. Male rappers started dressing like women, wearing purses and nail polish. Not to mention these labels are promoting female rappers that can barely speak proper English, constantly promoting promiscuity all while ditching out masculine energy. I more so blame these labels and not the rappers. When you have a job you have to do what the Boss tells you to do. Most of these rappers are workers not bosses. Don't let the game fool you. Anyway congrats to Ice-T for getting that Hollywood Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!


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