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Don't Settle For Just Being Black

As I sit and reflect on the history of Black Americans, I am inspired by how far we have come. The fact that we continue to fight and not give up. I hope some of us can find inspiration in knowing that even though freedom did not happen overnight it was our consistency that got us here. Fighting for our freedom and equal opportunity is a never ending battle. So many of us are denied justice in the court system or denied the right to speak up for ourselves when treated unfairly. Trust me, I know first hand. We are criticized, scrutinized, blackballed and so much more for having a voice. I made up in my mind that I will be free and speak on topics that may offend but will cause my people to think and see beyond what is in front of us. With the many distractions all around us, it gets difficult at times to focus on our purpose and overlook what is being used to control us; and designed to keep us in bondage. Expect more from me. I will not settle and you shouldn't either.


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