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It's Mental Health Awareness Month... This Is How I Cope With My Mental State

Hey guys, so the month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month. So I decided to write about it because I remember many years ago to talk about mental health in the black community was not as popular as it is now. If people had a mental breakdown it meant you were weak, crazy or Koo-Koo as they would say about a person who was not mentally stable. But today I think its taken more seriously. I would say thank social media because it definitely shed more light on mental health awareness. Whether you are stressed, depressed or not in your right mind state to make rational decisions it all ties into mental health. I would say find a selfish way to deal with your depression by taking care of your self first, put yourself first and forget what anybody else has to say. I tend to do this because it helps. So whenever I feel overwhelmed I will treat myself to something I like to do or gift myself with something nice. Some people feel like Im being selfish for doing this but its necessary. I tend to do this often even when Im not stressing or overwhelmed. This is how I remain stable and happy. So when I come across to others as happy and uplifting they can't understand why Im so optimistic about life. Or maybe they think Im being fake. I don't know, but it's because I take care of myself first. If you are not well, whether mentally or physically it is impossible to have a productive lifestyle and take care of the ones you love around you. Whether it's your mother, children or husband. Start putting yourself first and forget everything around you for a moment. You'll feel so much better and then you will be able to focus on what life is throwing at you! Hope this helps!


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