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Money, Fame & Suicide

Seems like so many are having a hard time dealing with life. It is so unfortunate that actress Ms. Regina King has lost her son to suicide. Prayers to her and her family. One thing I will say is please stop wishing you had the life of someone else. You would be shocked at who you find out is suffering from a depressing life in silence. crying alone in their bedroom, hoping and wishing they didnt have to keep pretending to be happy. I mean how many times have you heard a celebrity say they wanted to commit suicide.? I've heard so many admit this to the world. I hate to say it but the reality is, people just dont care about your problems. Its a sad reality. If your faith in God aint where it need to be, you lost already. People will let you down, talk about you, pretend to care all while smiling in your face. Trust me I had my fair share of those kind of people, and guess where they are? Somewhere on the other side because I keep my distance. It truly is a blessing to have 1 or 2 people in your corner. Don't take them for granted. You really have to learn to enjoy your own company and only let those around you who are equally yoked, spirtually, financially, and mentally and whatever else you can think of because that is the key to having healthy relationships. See I made so many mistakes by allowing people who were not equally yoked have access to me. I didnt care if they believed in God, was financially stable, had the same morals & beliefs and so on. That was the problem. Those people steal from you, tell you, you think your're better because you have this or that or will kick the "why you judging people" simply because you don't agree with their lifestyle. Nah you dont need them type around you. I get so much more done by staying to myself and I like it. Learn to keep your distance from certain ones. It will benefit you in the long run. Family or not.


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