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New Street Drug TRANQ Has Dope Users Losing It

The Drug Dealers are staying busy and productive! The new street drug TRANQ is making its way through drug stricken neighborhoods across America, and its eating them alive. Xylazine which is also known as TRANQ in the streets is typically used for animals. Drug Users may not know they are using the drug because it is mixed and broken down into the already deadly drug Fentanyl, which gives a Heroin like high. Tricky and dangerous! Just when we thought things could'nt get any worse the drug dealers are back with something more enticing. TRANQ is literally causing dope users to lose their hands, legs and its eating at the flesh leaving deep wound holes on their body. People continue to wonder why these dope users continue to use drugs that harm them, not realizing that many of these drug fiends are not in their right mind and cannot make rational decisions for themselves. In other words they are mentally unstable. Plus it's addictive. With that being said stay tuned for more health related topics and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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