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Not Just Another Social Media Girl

Writer check-in!! I hope y'all are loving my #blog. So let's talk! Respect, something we all want. Since I was young my biological dad taught me all about it. An #expensive lesson learned which is why my self value is always respected by others. #Respect cost you $0. So if you can't give that its the end of the conversation with me. I made it my business not to be like other people. If you go right Im going left. I feel like it's a trend to fit in these days. I mean I can't tell whose who on the internet. Everybody looks the same, acts the same and literally does the same things. I mean am I wrong or am I being honest? So why is everybody riding the same wagons. I"ll be the first to tell you. It's Fear. Fear of being left out, fear of not blending in. I get it. Why be an Outkast right? But then we wonder why #relationships don't work out. I mean sis he see the same thing in you that he saw in the last girl. Not to mention y'all look just alike. (cookie cutter body) He can't tell the difference baby. (Vice Versa) You wasn't put here to be like everyone else. I seriously wonder why so many of us fumble the ability to be unique. She sell hair, you wanna sell hair, he rent a #Bentley you go rent a Bentley, damn go rent the McLaren. Its a monkey, see monkey do culture I guess. Now say I'm lying.


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