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Super Market Owner Jeff Brown Running For Philadelphia Mayor

It's official! Jeff Brown is running for Mayor of Philadelphia. I had the pleasure of attending Jeff's big announcement and I will say the love for Jeff is real. In attendance were some of Philadelphia's highly respected Politicians, Pastors, Business Owners/Founders and of course local news and media outlets were all attendees. Jeff is well known throughout the city for being a charismatic grocer. He owns multiple Shop Rite super markets across the city. Jeff has always been active in the neighborhoods where his stores are located. He strives to continue to hire neighborhood residents as well as prior convicts. Giving back to the black community has always been apart of his legacy and mission. Jeff made it clear in his speech during his announcement that this is not about politics. His love and dedication to the City of Philadelphia does not go unnoticed and he is counting on the residents of Philadelphia to elect him for Mayor. A change Philadelphia cannot afford to ignore. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to watch clips of Jeff Brown's Mayoral Candidant Announcement.


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